Aug, 2010: Sorry no updates in so long...
I am working for Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Alabama in Riverchase/Hoover and living in Westover/Chelsea. I'll update more later.

Aug, 2006: Well it was a busy summer! I've been working a lot on My Parent's new Log House. I also spent a lot of time with Madison and Dakota!

In April 2006, I went back to Sebring and again had a blast, but discovered how expensive this new hobby of mine can be...

Click to see full-size. I think my instructor Dave is telling me to slow down ;)

I finally posted some more pics from my 2005 trip to Sebring, FL and of the two other SVTOA On-track events I went to last year.
Check them out here

I also snazzied up the two slideshows below...

Apr, 2005: I just got back from running my car on the full course down at Sebring, what a blast! Check out the slideshow below of some of my pictures.
More pictures (and a video) here!

Move the mouse over the picture for a description. Click the picture to go to the next picture quicker.
Me and the prototype SVT Shelby Cobra GT500 Mustang.

Nov, 2003: Click here for the pictures from my second Trip to New York in 2003...
(I went in May too - pictures below)

Below is a slideshow of a very few of my latest New York pictures. Move the mouse over the picture for a description. Click the picture to go to the next picture quicker.

Click Here for Pictures from my trip to Florida in August 2003. I have some other pictures that I will try to scan in and add soon. I will also try to add some notes and details about the pictures and my trip.
Here is a picture of the lighthouse in St Augustine that I took on my trip.

Check out these pictures from my trip to New York City in May 2003: Click here!
Here is a picture of Grand Central Terminal from my trip.

Check out these pictures from my trip to LA in April 2003: Click here!

Follow the links above to see more of my NYC pictures or my LA pictures

Since one of my favorite things to do is travel, I have a good bit of pictures and stuff from my trips scattered throughout my site. There are also a lot of trips that I don't have on here at all yet, so I am working on consolidating all of my trip info and pictures to one place. Check out my Where ya been? page.

Well, that's all for now. See ya soon!

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