My Parent's Log House

Here are some pictures of my parent's log house that I'm helping build. Click on a thumbnail to view a larger picture. Newer pictures are at the bottom.

Click Here to see a NEW slideshow of the building progress. More of these to come!

Here is what was left of the 2-room Log house my Mom was born in, built sometime in the mid 1800's.
My parents decided to build their new Log Home on the same site.
Here is the site after the old house was removed, the chimney was left in hope that it could be used in the new house.
Here is a little wider view of the house-site.
Family photo by the fire, My sister, Madison, Dakota, Me, Mom and aunt Punkin.
After initial excavation and leveling by my uncle.
Timber! Unfortunately the chimney was not sturdy enough to use, so it had to come down.
Here is the pile of rocks from the old chimney that will be used to build the new one.
House marked out, ready to dig footings for foundation.
Digging trenches for the footings.
Pouring the footings.
Footings and piers poured.
Blocks arrive for foundation.
Building started!! First blocks laid.
Foundation taking shape.
Pouring the last piers.
Piers built.
Mom standing by the last block.
Starting with the beams to hold up the floor joists.
Lumber for the subfloor is delivered.
Floor joists in.
Mom standing in her Dining Room on the nearly completed subfloor.
Decking on subfloor finished.
Logs arrive!
HPIM0265.JPG HPIM0267.JPG P7220011.JPG P7220018.JPG
Unloading trucks with handy forklift.
Laying some of the first logs.
Back left of house after a coulple of days of laying logs.
Back right.
P7220020.JPG HPIM0276.JPG P7250004.JPG P7250007.JPG
Front of house.
Building a frame to guide laying the logs for back A-frame.
Back left after another day or two on the job.
Back of house.
P7250010.JPG P7250011.JPG P7250012.JPG P7250016.JPG
Back right after another day. Almost all logs are in place.
Back of house.
Back left.
The hardest part with the logs, getting them up and in place 10 to 20 feet above the ground!
P7250017.JPG P7250018.JPG P7310020.JPG P7310023.JPG
Front of house, we later added two more rows of logs to the front wall.
Front-right of house.
Inside shot after the main walls were in place.
Birds-eye view of interior with stud walls up.
P8020025.JPG P8020028.JPG P8020029.JPG P8020030.JPG
Front-right after we put in the beams to support 2nd floor.
Birds-eye from back right of interior beams and walls.
More beams and walls, from dining room.
From master bedroom.
DSCI0150.JPG P8140032.JPG P8140033.JPG P8140034.JPG
Here are Phillip and I setting the the ridge beam for the rafters over the great room.
Front of house with some rafters in place.
Front right of house.
Detail of beam and rafters, that post on this end of beam is temporary.
P8140035.JPG P8140038.JPG P8140040.JPG P8140042.JPG
Back left of house with some rafters.
Back right of house.
Front right detail.
Front left, rafters up.
Back left with rafters in.
New Pictures added 8/19
DSCI0xx1.jpg DSCI0xx2.jpg DSCI0xx3.jpg HPIM0290.JPG
These next 4 were actually taken a while back, but we just found them. This is one of the logs that my Mom laid all by herself!
One of my Sister and Mom in the 'Morning Room'
One of us putting up one of the interior frame walls.
Here is one my Uncle took sitting on top of the outside wall of the Great Room after we hung all the rafters.
Now for the newer pics! Here is one of us blacking in the Great Room.
Here are Phillip and Gary setting the first of the main roof rafters.
Setting the massive ridge beams in place.
Initial rafters and ridge beams set for one side of house.
DSCI0165.JPG DSCI0166.JPG P8180048.JPG P8180049.JPG
Setting the ridge beams for other side of house.
Setting first set of main rafters for right side of house.
Right front view, all main rafters in place!
Right side view.
P8180055.JPG P8180056.JPG P8180061.JPG P8180063.JPG
Left front view.
Left side view.
Back left view with second-floor side walls framed.
Back right view, Morning Room framed!
P8180065.JPG P8180066.JPG P8180067.JPG P8180071.JPG
Front right view, Morning Room and second-floor side walls framed.
Front view.
Morning Room.
Great Room inside.
New Pictures added 8/26
DSCI0179.JPG DSCI0194.JPG P8240076.JPG P8240077.JPG
Philip and I finishing the rafters on the back.
Gary posing on top of the roof!
Front view, dormers framed, center dormer decked and felted.
Front right view.
P8240083.JPG P8240085.JPG P8250086.JPG P8250087.JPG
Rear left view.
Front left view.
Front right view with all dormers framed, decked and felted.
Front view.
Front left view.
New Pictures added 9/5
P9050089.JPG P9050093.JPG P9050098.JPG P9050101.JPG
Rear left view, back and side roof blacked-in.
Right side view, Morning Room roof blacked-in.
Front left view with front porch nearly decked.
Front right view.
Mom standing on her new front porch!
New Pictures added 9/12
P9070105.JPG P9070109.JPG P9070110.JPG P9080114.JPG
Porch posts and roof rafters up! Left front view.
Front view.
Front right view with porch rafters up.
Front porch roof decked and felted (yes that is correct english)! Left front view.
P9080122.JPG P9110126.JPG P9110127.JPG P9110133.JPG
Mom and Dad in their second floor window! Took a lot of convincing to get mom up the ladder.
Front view, porch blacked-in.
Front right view.
Right side view.
New Pictures added 9/27
P9130138.JPG P9130142.JPG DSCI0245.JPG DSCI0259.JPG
Wide-angle of upstairs before walls were framed up, from front left.
Another wide-angle upstairs, from front right.
Me on top of the roof, making Mom nervous.
Mom first time up her new stairs!
Wilbur and I staining the log siding.
One dormer trimmed out.
Trimming out other dormers.
Phillip and I putting up log siding.
HPIM0314.JPG HPIM0315.JPG P9270149.JPG P9270150.JPG
Siding finished.
Upstairs bathroom framed with plumbing.
Dormers trimed and right side stained.
Front with dormers trimed, left one stained.
P9270151.JPG P9270152.JPG P9270155.JPG P9270156.JPG
Front left side after staining.
Back left.
Right side.
Wide-angle of stairs and balcony.
New Pictures added 11/22
Installing a window along front porch.
Phillip and Fred installing the roofing.
Finishing upper back roofing.
Upper back roofing done.
DSCI0300.JPG PA120172.JPG PA120173.JPG PA120174.JPG
Roofing the dormers.
Upper front roof done.
Lower back and side roofing done.
Phillip looks glad he's almost finished roofing the front porch.
Roofing done, from back side.
Starting on chimney rock work. Here they are using a forklift to put the rock used for the lintel inside.
Here is Paul placing the first few rocks.
View from the back after one day of chimney work.
PB100190.JPG DSCI0395b.jpg DSCI0398.JPG DSCI0399.JPG
This is what they got done the first day.
Here is the firebox they built the second day.
Outside view after firebox.
Working around firebox with more rock.
Here they are trying to get the lintel up in place. They used prybars to lift one end then the other a little at a time to get to this point.
Here they are tilting the lintel up in place.
Lintle in, inside complete except for hearth.
Left side of house from down in the pasture.
DSCI0420.JPG PB100192.JPG PB100193.JPG PB220195.JPG
View from the driveway coming in.
Front of house after we stained the window trim.
Front-left side of house.
Right side.
PB220196.JPG PB220197.JPG PB220198.JPG
Mom cleaning up getting ready for Thanksgiving.
Another shot from the front left.
Back left with chimney 3/4 done!
New Pictures added 12/12
Using the 'Elevator' to help with the chimney.
Working on the hearth.
Finished Fireplace!
From above.
PB300207.JPG PC050219.JPG PC050221.JPG PC050222.JPG
Left rear of house, chimney complete!
Left rear after some cleanup.
Close-up of new chimney.
Rear of house.
PC050224.JPG PC040215.JPG
Right-rear of house.
Mom & Dad on their front porch.

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